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Informal handwriting fonts

A loose category of fonts capturing the fluidity and imperfections of handwriting. These are not slowly and precisely drawn or constructed letters, but flow naturally from ballpoint pens, fountain pens, markers and brush pens. There’s also some overlap between informal handwriting fonts and casual scripts. If you’re looking for greater precision and regularity, then take a look at our formal handwriting fonts, formal scripts or regular scripts. Have questions? Check out our Informal Handwriting Fonts FAQs.

Questions about handwriting fonts

What are informal handwriting fonts?
Informal handwriting fonts are fonts that mimic the style of casual or personal writing, such as notes, letters, or journals. They often have irregular shapes, curves, strokes, or slants that give them a natural and relaxed look. Informal handwriting fonts can be used to create a friendly, fun, or expressive mood in your design projects

How can I use informal handwriting fonts effectively?
Informal handwriting fonts can be used to add personality, charm, or emotion to your design projects. However, you should also consider some factors such as readability, legibility, contrast, and context when using them. Here are some tips to use informal handwriting fonts effectively:

• Use them sparingly and for emphasis. Too much informal handwriting can make your text hard to read or look messy. Use them for headlines, subheadings, quotes, or short texts that need to stand out.
• Pair them with simple and clean fonts. Informal handwriting fonts can create a nice contrast with more formal or plain fonts, such as sans serif or serif fonts.

• Match them with your theme and tone. Informal handwriting fonts can convey different moods and feelings depending on their style and shape. For example, some fonts may look playful, elegant, romantic, or quirky. Choose the fonts that match your theme and tone of your project.