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Monospace fonts

Monospaced fonts, also known as ‘fixed width’, are characterized by characters that inhabit a fixed width. Typewriter fonts are most often monospaced, but many other categories (especially sans serifs) have monospaced variants. They can be used in text editors and for programming, often look great in computer-themed or high-tech settings, and on the web. In recent years, with their rising popularity and the addition of so many more weights and styles, they are becoming increasingly more versatile.

Questions about monospace fonts

What are monospace fonts?
Monospace fonts are fonts where each character has the same width, regardless of its shape. This makes them ideal for coding and programming, as it makes it easy to see the structure of code. Monospace fonts are also often used for data entry, as they can help to improve accuracy.

What are some popular monospace fonts?
Our most popular monospace fonts (for devs an coders) are Comic Code and Codelia.