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From Shinntype

  • Handsome - Handsome 1
  • Handsome - Handsome 2
  • Handsome - Handsome 3
  • Handsome - Handsome 4

Handsome Full family

  • Handsome Pro Thin
  • Handsome Pro Regular
  • Handsome Pro Bold
  • Handsome Pro Extra Bold
  • Handsome Pro Classic
  • Handsome Pro Nib
  • Handsome Pro Rough
About Handsome
The OpenType font as biomimetic software, making robot writing that disguises its artifice behind a shifting cast of character alternates. In parroting the joining rules of cursive script Handsome holds a mirror to pen culture, revealing an affinity between the structure of formal writing systems and the programmed logic of digital typography.
Designed by
Nick Shinn
Current release
Feb 10, 2005
Initial release
May 12, 1999
Language support

Western Europe,Central/Eastern Europe,Baltic,Turkish,Romanian

Contextual Alternates, Standard Ligatures
Font formats
Individual weights & styles (7 fonts)
Thin, Regular, Bold, ExtraBold, Classic, Nib, Rough
Tagged with
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