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Didone or Modern fonts

Didone typefaces are high contrast and typically have hairline serifs. You’ll recognize many from their use in fashion and fashion magazines. Related to this category are Fat Faces. You can also use CEDARS to search for typefaces by contrast. If you have questions about Didone or Modern fonts, check out our Didone Fonts FAQ, below.

Interesting fact: did you know that the term ‘Didone’ is a made-up word combining the names of two eighteenth-century type designers, Didot and Bodoni.

Questions about Didone fonts

What are Didone fonts?
Didone fonts are a classification of serif font that have a high contrast, meaning that there’s a lot of variation between thick and thin stroke weights. They’re often associated with high fashion and elegance.

What makes Didone fonts unique?
Didone typefaces have a vertical (upright) axis and higher contrast than many other serif typefaces. This is that variation in stroke weight in each letter — when it gets thicker and then thinner. You’ll see this in similar fonts to Bodoni, for example

Where can I use Didone fonts?
Didone tends to be really popular in fashion, magazines, advertising, and high-end product designs. Use a Didone font if you want to give your brand that luxury or high-end vibe. But they’re not retricted to use in high-end fashion: use them anywhere you want that elegant, classic or timeless vibe.

So why do fashion brands often use Didone fonts?
We have a blog article explaining why fashion brands traditionally use Didone or Modern fonts: ‘Why do fashion brands and magazines use so much Bodoni & Didot?

Are there any Sans Serif Didone fonts?
The traditional Didone category doesn’t admit sans serif, but we do! A typeface is defined by more than its serifs. If you’re looking for a sans serif Didone, then check out Fino — it has all the charateristics of a Didone typeface, but without the serifs; and it’s even available as a Didone stencil, called Fino Stencil.