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About Joos Pro
Joos Lambrecht, from Ghent, is one of the first important printers and punchcutters of the sixteenth century. He criticized frankly the reading habits and the typographical preferences of the Dutch and Flemish readers at that time. Lambrecht cut many roman types which he tried to distribute to other printers, but also a remarkable upright italic of which he was the only user. It is this italic which inspired the Joos typeface. Joos offers a wide typographical range of use and flexibility: ligatures, alternates, stylistic sets, OpenType functionalities, oldstyle figures, small caps for the pro version.
Designed by
Laurent Bourcellier
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Current release
Jun 20, 2009
Initial release
Jun 20, 2009
Language support

Afrikaans, Albanais, Allemand, Allemand (Suisse), Anglais, Assou, Bas-Sorabe, Basque, Bemba, Béna, Bosniaque, Capverdien, Catalan, Chambala, Cisena, Cornique, Créole Mauricien, Croate, Danois, Diola-Fogny, Embou, Espagnol, Espéranto, Estonien, Féroïen, Filipino, Finnois, Francique Ripuaire, Français, Frioulan, Frison Occidental, Gaélique Écossais, Galicien, Gallois, Ganda, Groenlandais, Gusii, Haut-Sorabe, Hongrois, Indonésien, Irlandais, Islandais, Italien, Kalendjin, Kamba, Kiga, Kikuyu, Letton, Lituanien, Luhya, Luo, Luxembourgeois, Makhuwa-Meetto, Makondé, Malais, Malgache, Maltais, Mannois, Maori, Matchamé, Mérou, Ndébélé Du Nord, Néerlandais, Norvégien Bokmål, Norvégien Nynorsk, Nyankolé, Oromo, Polonais, Portugais, Romanche, Rombo, Roumain, Roundi, Rwa, Rwanda, Sambourou, Sami Du Nord, Sami D’inari, Sangho, Sangu, Serbe (Latin), Shona, Slovaque, Slovène, Soga, Somali, Suédois, Suisse Allemand, Swahili, Swahili (Congo-Kinshasa), Taita, Tchèque, Teso, Turc, Vunjo, Walser, Zoulou

Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Alternates, Discretionary Ligatures, Standard Ligatures, Small Capitals, Small Capitals from Capitals, Superscript, Lining Figures, Old-style Figures, Proportional Figures, Tabular Figures, Slashed Zero, Fractions
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