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About Epoxy
Epoxy is a study in violating fundamental type design rules. The shapes are broken into subgroups (uppercase, lowercase, figures) that each have their own construction logic rather than an overall logic. These disparate shapes are glued back together with the optical side effects of deliberately not following traditional stroke modulation. But, really, this typeface exists mostly because I made a boring geometric sans because those are always best sellers but literally no one bought mine so I said “F**k it. I’m going to draw something that I think is funny.” Note: This is a Type Supply R&D typeface and, as such, it has a limited character set.
Designed by
Tal Leming
End-user license agreement (EULA)
Current release
Mar 9, 2022
Initial release
Mar 9, 2022
Language support


Case-sensitive Forms
Font formats
Individual weights & styles (6 fonts)
Thin, Light, Book, Medium, Bold, Black
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