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Spirit & Bones


4 families.

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Spirit & Bones is a German foundry based in Hamburg, founded by Lena Schmidt. She studied graphic design learning from the well known type designer and calligrapher Jovica Veljović. With the founding of Spirit & Bones, Lena Schmidt laid the foundation for a deeper and long-term engagement with the fascinating world of type design.

‘everything is a remix’




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Bundles & Collections

The Latein Family Bundle

  • Neue Latein Subtext
  • Neue Latein Book
  • Neue Latein Heavy
  • Neue Latein Medium
  • Neue Latein Bold
  • Neue Latein Thin
  • Neue Latein Regular
  • Schneidler Latein Thin
  • Schneidler Latein Subhead
  • Schneidler Latein Display
  • Schneidler Latein Regular
  • Schneidler Latein Book
  • Schneidler Latein Subtext
  • Schneidler Latein Medium
  • Schneidler Latein Bold
  • Schneidler Latein Heavy