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  • 1 Alio Pro Decor2 1440x720
  • 5 Alio Pro Decor3 1440x720
  • 6 Alio Pro Decor1440x720
  • 8 Alio Decor1440x720
  • 15 Alio Pro Decor4 1440x720
  • 16 Alio Pro Deco1440x720
  • 17 Alio Pro Deco1440x720
  • 18 Alio 1440x720
  • 19 Alio 1440x720

Alio Decor Full family

  • Alio Decor Black
  • Alio Decor Black Italic
  • Alio Decor Bold
  • Alio Decor Bold Italic
  • Alio Decor Semi Bold
  • Alio Decor Semi Bold Italic
  • Alio Decor Medium
  • Alio Decor Medium Italic
  • Alio Decor Regular
  • Alio Decor Italic
  • Alio Decor Light
  • Alio Decor Light Italic

Alio™ Decor Starter Pack

  • Alio Decor Bold
  • Alio Decor Bold Italic
  • Alio Decor Regular
  • Alio Decor Italic
About Alio Decor
Alio™– Let Your Creativity Flow. Inspired by sleek sans serifs and flowing cursives, Alio™ features the best of both worlds. This display type's hybrid modular design gives you many alternates and options to play. Just let your creativity flow and enjoy creating a wide range of styles from minimalistic modern to decorative flourish. When combining this display type with Alio Decor, you can let your creativity flow to the max. You can create stunning flourish designs and unique type treatments for your projects. Alio Decor is more than just an Alio Pro’s sidekick. You can enjoy creating flourish designs exclusively with Alio Decor. [6 weights/12 font styles, 300+ glyphs each].
Designed by
Tana Kosiyabong
End-user license agreement (EULA)
PDF Specimen
Current release
May 16, 2017
Initial release
Feb 1, 2017
Stylistic Alternates
Font formats
Individual weights & styles (12 fonts)
Black, Black Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, SemiBold, SemiBold Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Regular, Italic, Light, Light Italic
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