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Laski superfamily

‘Letters are weird polysemic devices’


This is Carmela. She loves to sleep on our laser printer.
Laski Slab Basic Family

Includes: Laski Slab Black, Laski Slab Black Italic, Laski Slab Regular, Laski Slab Bold, Laski Slab Regular Italic, Laski Slab Bold Italic, Laski Slab Light, Laski Slab Light Italic, Laski Slab Thin, Laski Slab Thin Italic

Laski Sans Basic Family

Includes: Laski Sans Black, Laski Sans Black Italic, Laski Sans Bold, Laski Sans Bold Italic, Laski Sans Light, Laski Sans Light Italic, Laski Sans Regular, Laski Sans Regular Italic, Laski Sans Thin, Laski Sans Thin Italic