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12 families.

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Typesenses Logo

Typesenses is an independent type foundry creating original typefaces by combining historical perspective, calligraphy skills and digital accuracy. Because of their strong voice and personality, Typesenses fonts have played big roles as the protagonists of book jackets, magazine covers, stationery, packaging, brand identities and ads worldwide.

‘Everything you can imagine is real / Pablo Picasso’

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Bundles & Collections

Fantasy Complete Family Bundle

  • Fantasy Pro Regular
  • Fantasy Std Regular
  • Fantasy Caps1 Regular
  • Fantasy Caps2 Regular
  • Fantasy Ornaments Regular

Limon Complete Family Bundle

  • Limon Regular
  • Limon Didone Regular
  • Limon Didone Outline Regular
  • Limon Didone Fill Regular
  • Limon Marker Regular
  • Limon Marker Bold
  • Limon Marker Outline Regular
  • Limon Marker Fill Regular
  • Limon Marker Outline Bold
  • Limon Marker Fill Bold
  • Limon Dingbats Regular
  • Limon Dingbats Fill Regular
  • Limon Script Regular
  • Limon Script Bold
  • Limon Script Outline Regular
  • Limon Script Fill Regular

Blend Complete Family Bundle

  • Blend Regular
  • Blend Bold
  • Blend Inline Regular
  • Blend Inline Fill Regular
  • Blend Caps Regular
  • Blend Caps Bold
  • Blend Caps Black
  • Blend Caps Inline Regular
  • Blend Caps Inline Fill Regular
  • Blend Caps Inline Bold
  • Blend Caps Inline Fill Bold
  • Blend Caps Condensed Regular
  • Blend Caps Condensed Inline Regular
  • Blend Caps Condensed Inline Fil Regular
  • Blend Caps Condensed Bold
  • Blend Caps Engraved Regular
  • Blend Caps Engraved Fill Regular
  • Blend Caps Western Regular
  • Blend Dingbats Regular
  • Blend Ornaments Regular
  • Blend Script Regular