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Teeline Fonts


10 families. Fonts from $35.00

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Teeline Fonts Logo

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Teeline Fonts features the creative work of Dr. Craig Eliason. His type designs have been profiled in Codex, exhibited at the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, and honored by juries at the Morisawa Type Design Compedition and at the STA 100. His design work is fueled by a keen scholarly interest in the history of type.

‘Every tool carries with it the spirit by which it has been created. [Werner Heisenberg]’

Cuttlefish Superfamily Bundle

Includes: Cuttlefish Pragmatic, Cuttlefish Pragmatic Bold, Cuttlefish Pragmatic Italic, Cuttlefish Pragmatic Bold Italic, Cuttlefish Neutral Light, Cuttlefish Neutral Light Italic, Cuttlefish Neutral, Cuttlefish Neutral Italic, Cuttlefish Neutral Bold, Cuttlefish Neutral Bold Italic, Cuttlefish Optimistic, Cuttlefish Optimistic Italic, Cuttlefish Optimistic Bold, Cuttlefish Optimistic Bold Italic, Cuttlefish Modern, Cuttlefish Modern Italic, Cuttlefish Modern Bold, Cuttlefish Modern Bold Italic, Cuttlefish Luxe, Cuttlefish Luxe Italic, Cuttlefish Luxe Light, Cuttlefish Luxe Light Italic

Feneon Superfamily Bundle

Includes: Feneon Dense 72, Feneon Dense 90, Feneon Dense 144, Feneon 30, Feneon 36, Feneon 48, Feneon 60, Feneon 72, Feneon 90, Feneon 144, Feneon Single 14, Feneon Single 18, Feneon Single 24, Feneon Single 30, Feneon Single 36, Feneon Single 48, Feneon Single 60