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Aptly Full family

  • Aptly Light
  • Aptly Light Italic
  • Aptly Regular
  • Aptly Italic
  • Aptly Medium
  • Aptly Medium Italic
  • Aptly Bold
  • Aptly Bold Italic
  • Aptly Extra Bold
  • Aptly Black
  • Aptly College
  • Aptly Rough
  • Aptly Rust
  • Aptly Medium Shadow
$199   $99.50

Aptly Basic

  • Aptly Regular
  • Aptly Italic
  • Aptly Bold
  • Aptly Bold Italic
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About Aptly
A liminal work, Aptly addresses the condition in which humanity may be expressed under the normalizing constraints of technocratic systems. To this end, Aptly’s design space is posited as an array of severe constraints which demand an aesthetic resolution. The resolving concept is “Geo-Soft”, characters being constructed from arcs of circle connected by orthogonal straight lines, with few diagonals and nary a sharp corner—as if words are being routed by a bit of fixed dimension. The effect has an engaging tension, with soft edges offsetting rigorous structure, as if words are simultaneously melting and compiling. Working this conceptual template, Aptly fashions a cool, elemental repose.
Designed by
Nick Shinn
End-user license agreement (EULA)
Current release
Dec 30, 2020
Initial release
Dec 30, 2020
Language support

Western Europe,Central/Eastern Europe,Baltic,Turkish,Romanian

Discretionary Ligatures, Tabular Figures
Font formats
Individual weights & styles (14 fonts)
Light, Light Italic, Regular, Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Extra Bold, Black, College, Rough, Rust, Medium Shadow
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