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Sophisto Full family

Includes: Sophisto OT AGauge, Sophisto OT AItalic, Sophisto OT BGauge, Sophisto OT BItalic, Sophisto OT CGauge, Sophisto OT CItalic, Sophisto OT DGauge, Sophisto OT DItalic, Sophisto OT EGauge, Sophisto OT EItalic, Sophist Icons OT Buttons A, Sophist Icons OT Buttons B, Sophist Icons OT Buttons C, Sophist Icons OT Patterns, Sophist Icons OT Images, Sophisto Expert OT AGauge, Sophisto Expert OT BGauge, Sophisto Expert OT CGauge, Sophisto SCOSF OT AGauge, Sophisto SCOSF OT BGauge

About Sophisto
A successful collaboration between MRF and Psy/Ops Type Foundry. In search for a Sans Serif with a significant and strong character but still »low-key« enough to be functional for most areas.
Designed by
Stefan Hattenbach MRF / Rodrigo Cavazos PsyOps
Current release
Aug 22, 1970
Initial release
Aug 20, 1970
Font formats
Individual weights & styles (20 fonts)
AGauge, AItalic, BGauge, BItalic, CGauge, CItalic, DGauge, DItalic, EGauge, EItalic, ButtonsA, ButtonsB, ButtonsC, Patterns, Images, AGauge, BGauge, CGauge, AGauge, BGauge
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