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  • MRF myfonts 1440x720 SOPHISTO 5
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Sophisto Full family

  • Sophisto OT AGauge
  • Sophisto OT AItalic
  • Sophisto OT BGauge
  • Sophisto OT BItalic
  • Sophisto OT CGauge
  • Sophisto OT CItalic
  • Sophisto OT DGauge
  • Sophisto OT DItalic
  • Sophisto OT EGauge
  • Sophisto OT EItalic
  • Sophist Icons OT Buttons A
  • Sophist Icons OT Buttons B
  • Sophist Icons OT Buttons C
  • Sophist Icons OT Patterns
  • Sophist Icons OT Images
  • Sophisto Expert OT AGauge
  • Sophisto Expert OT BGauge
  • Sophisto Expert OT CGauge
  • Sophisto SCOSF OT AGauge
  • Sophisto SCOSF OT BGauge
$179   $134.25
About Sophisto
A successful collaboration between MRF and Psy/Ops Type Foundry. In search for a Sans Serif with a significant and strong character but still »low-key« enough to be functional for most areas.
Designed by
Stefan Hattenbach MRF / Rodrigo Cavazos PsyOps
End-user license agreement (EULA)
PDF Specimen
Current release
Aug 22, 1970
Initial release
Aug 20, 1970
Font formats
Individual weights & styles (20 fonts)
AGauge, AItalic, BGauge, BItalic, CGauge, CItalic, DGauge, DItalic, EGauge, EItalic, ButtonsA, ButtonsB, ButtonsC, Patterns, Images, AGauge, BGauge, CGauge, AGauge, BGauge
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