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Baldufa Cyrillic

Baldufa Cyrillic Full family

Includes: Baldufa Cyrillic Regular, Baldufa Cyrillic Italic, Baldufa Cyrillic Bold

Baldufa Cyrillic Core Pack

Includes: Baldufa Cyrillic Italic, Baldufa Cyrillic Regular

About Baldufa Cyrillic
Baldufa is a charming typeface with strong personality, which looks very comfortable in text. There is a search to obtain complicated curves and detailed features, which gives the typeface a touch of beauty and elegance. However, this is also a self-conscious design that claims through the rounded serifs and irregular vertical stems appreciation for quirkiness and human imperfection. The typeface family is also a multi script project, containing Latin, Arabic, Greek and Cyrillic scripts. The Latin, Greek and Cyrillic consists of Regular, Bold and Italic styles, including Small Caps and Open Type features. Whereas Arabic Naskh includes Regular and Bold weights.
Designed by
Pilar Cano, Ferran Milan
Current release
Mar 15, 2021
Initial release
Mar 15, 2021
Language support
Abaza, Adyghe, Aghul, Akhvakh, Altay, Archi, Avar, Karachay-Balkar, Bashkir, Belarussian, Bosnian (cyr), Bulgarian, Buryat, Chechen, Chukchi, Chuvash, Dargwa, Dungan, Elefen, Erzya, Evenki, Gagauz, Godoberi, Ingush, Juhuri, Kabardian, Kalmyk, Karakalpak, Karachay-Balkar, Kazakh, Khwarshi, Koryak, Komi Permyak, Komi Zyrian, Kumyk, Lak, Lezgi, Macedonian, Mari, Moksha, Mongolian, Nanai, Nogai, Ossetian, Russian, Rusyn, Ruthenian, Rutul, Serbian (cyr), Shor, Slovio, Tabasaran, Tsakhur, Turkmen (cyr), Tuvan, Udmurt, Ukrainian, Uzbek...
Ornaments, Discretionary Ligatures, Standard Ligatures, Small Capitals, Small Capitals from Capitals, Capital Spacing, Case-sensitive Forms, Subscript, Superscript, Lining Figures, Old-style Figures, Proportional Figures, Tabular Figures, Fractions
Font formats
Individual weights & styles (3 fonts)
Regular, Italic, Bold
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