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Lunch Box Slab

Lunch Box Slab Full family

Includes: Lunch Box Slab Light Light, Lunch Box Slab Regular, Lunch Box Slab Bold, Lunch Box Slab Ornaments Regular

About Lunch Box Slab
LunchBox Slab’s OpenType features allow access to over 1,500 different characters. Contextual alternatives give each letter 4 different character styles, all cycling through each other to ensure that no two letters ever show up together. There is also a custom set of small caps, each with 4 style variations as well. Stylistic alternatives give an extra hand-drawn flourish, loop and slight variation, also with 4 different styles per letter. Discretionary ligatures pertain to both regular all caps LunchBox as well as stylistic alternatives. Included are also a set of swashes that also have four style variations to both the regular and stylistic alternatives.
Designed by
Kimmy Kirkwood
Current release
Mar 3, 2015
Initial release
Nov 3, 2013
Cyrillic, Greek, Latin
Language support
Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian, Cyrillic, Greek
Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Alternates, Swash, Discretionary Ligatures, Small Capitals
Font formats
Individual weights & styles (4 fonts)
Light, Regular, Bold, Regular
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