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CPL Kirkwood

CPL Kirkwood Full family

Includes: CPL Kirkwood Sans Black, CPL Kirkwood Sans Black It, CPL Kirkwood Sans, CPL Kirkwood Sans It, CPL Kirkwood Sans Knockout Black, CPL Kirkwood Sans Knockout Black It, CPL Kirkwood Sans Knockout It, CPL Kirkwood Sans Knockout, CPL Kirkwood Slab Knockout Black, CPL Kirkwood Slab It, CPL Kirkwood Slab Knockout, CPL Kirkwood Slab Black, CPL Kirkwood Slab Knockout Black It, CPL Kirkwood Slab Black It, CPL Kirkwood Slab, CPL Kirkwood Slab Knockout It

About CPL Kirkwood
CPL Kirkwood is a distressed condensed bold slab and sans serif typeface. With both the serif and sans serif type options, it can be used in a broad range of design works. Included is a set of Extras that give the typeface an array of symbols, lines and banners. INSTALL NOTE: If you have purchased CPL Kirkwood ALL and are installing via Font Book, it is best to install in small groups rather than opening all font files at once. Once one group is installed (SLAB + SLAB Italics) you open and install the next group.
Designed by
Kimmy Kirkwood
Current release
Oct 23, 2013
Initial release
Oct 23, 2013
Language support
Western Europe
Font formats
Individual weights & styles (16 fonts)
Sans Black, Sans Black It, Sans, Sans It, Sans Knockout Black, Sans Knockout Black It, Sans Knockout It, Sans Knockout, Slab Knockout Black, Slab It, Slab Knockout, Slab Black, Slab Knockout Black It, Slab Black It, Slab, Slab Knockout It
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