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Catalina Clemente

Catalina Clemente Full family

Includes: Catalina Clemente Light, Catalina Clemente Light Italic, Catalina Clemente Regular Italic, Catalina Clemente Regular, Catalina Clemente Bold, Catalina Clemente Bold Italic

About Catalina Clemente
Catalina Clemente: In a more standard width, Clemente is one of the two sub families that can be used for paragraph text as well as headlines. It's organically geometric in style and comes in ALL CAPS and lowercase, includes upright and custom italics, and has the opentype feature giving 3 versions of each letter.
Designed by
Kimmy Kirkwood
Current release
Feb 4, 2017
Initial release
Dec 10, 2014
Language support
Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian.
Contextual Alternates
Font formats
Individual weights & styles (6 fonts)
Light, Light Italic, Regular Italic, Regular, Bold, Bold Italic
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