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About Argus
Argus is a font inspired by the company of its namesake logotype but morphed into something much more, which combines to form an oddly attractive combination of Art Deco and futuristic sensibilities. Like most of my display faces, it is a logo machine. But it has a weirdly appealing and functional use in copy, so long as you know how to do it.
Designed by
Derek Weathersbee
End-user license agreement (EULA)
Current release
Oct 9, 2019
Initial release
Oct 9, 2019
Language support

English, Arrernte, Bislama, Cebuano, Fijian, Gilbertese, Hmong, Ibanag, Iloko_ilokano, Interglossa_glosa, Interlingua, Lojban, Norfolk_pitcairnese, Oromo, Rotokas, Seychelles_creole, Shona, Somali, Southern_ndebele, Swahili, Swati_swazi, Tok_pisin, Warlpiri, Xhosa, Zulu, Latinbasic

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