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Identity Letters


25 families.

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Identity Letters Logo

Identity Letters is a boutique type foundry based in Germany, right next to the Dutch border. Here we work hard to provide businesses and creatives anywhere in the world with powerful, precisely crafted fonts. Our credo: Typography is not just words. It’s identity. That’s where our mission starts: we create the fonts that suit your type.

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‘People have identities. So do typefaces. Fonts matter because identity matters.’

Moritz Kleinsorge

Bundles & Collections

Kisba Nova Bundle

  • Kisba Nova Headline Thin
  • Kisba Nova Headline Light
  • Kisba Nova Headline Book
  • Kisba Nova Headline Regular
  • Kisba Nova Headline Medium
  • Kisba Nova Headline Bold
  • Kisba Nova Headline Black
  • Kisba Nova Text Thin
  • Kisba Nova Text Light
  • Kisba Nova Text Book
  • Kisba Nova Text Regular
  • Kisba Nova Text Medium
  • Kisba Nova Text Bold
  • Kisba Nova Text Black

Compiler Bundle

  • Compiler Plain Thin
  • Compiler Plain Thin Italic
  • Compiler Plain Extra Light
  • Compiler Plain Extra Light Italic
  • Compiler Plain Light
  • Compiler Plain Light Italic
  • Compiler Plain Regular
  • Compiler Plain Regular Italic
  • Compiler Plain Medium
  • Compiler Plain Medium Italic
  • Compiler Plain Bold
  • Compiler Plain Bold Italic
  • Compiler Plain Extra Bold
  • Compiler Plain Extra Bold Italic
  • Compiler Plain Black
  • Compiler Plain Black Italic
  • Compiler Thin
  • Compiler Thin Italic
  • Compiler Extra Light
  • Compiler Extra Light Italic
  • Compiler Light
  • Compiler Light Italic
  • Compiler Regular
  • Compiler Regular Italic
  • Compiler Medium
  • Compiler Medium Italic
  • Compiler Bold
  • Compiler Bold Italic
  • Compiler Extra Bold
  • Compiler Extra Bold Italic
  • Compiler Black
  • Compiler Black Italic