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exljbris Font Foundry


13 families. Fonts from $0.00

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Founded in 2008 by Jos Buivenga, exljbris Font Foundry is a small independent type design company from the Netherlands well known for the popular Museo and Calluna fonts.

‘Every typeface I worked on was a journey — a process in which I could lose and find myself’


Geotica Complete Bundle

Includes: Geotica One Open, Geotica One Engraved, Geotica One Fill, Geotica Two Open, Geotica Two Engraved, Geotica Two Fill, Geotica Three Open, Geotica Three Engraved, Geotica Three Fill, Geotica Four Open, Geotica Four Engraved, Geotica Four Fill, Geotica One Regular, Geotica Two Regular, Geotica Three Regular, Geotica Four Regular