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Heft Full family

  • Heft Black
  • Heft Black Italic
  • Heft Rounded
  • Heft Rounded Italic
  • Heft Inked
  • Heft Distressed
  • Heft Stencil
About Heft
Heft is a heavy slab serif that packs a powerful punch. Available in square-cornered and rounded versions, each with italics, plus two distressed variants — an inky version that evokes the urgency of cheap hot-metal printing, and a worn, distressed version that suggests vintage woodtype or photocopied text.
Designed by
Rian Hughes
End-user license agreement (EULA)
Current release
Jan 1, 2001
Initial release
Jan 1, 2001
Language support

Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian

Standard Ligatures, Superscript, Fractions
Font formats
Individual weights & styles (7 fonts)
Black, Black Italic, Rounded, Rounded Italic, Inked, Distressed, Stencil
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