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phiz superfamily

From Shinntype

‘“Meaning and function merge in the act of drawing glyphs.” —Nick Shinn’

Shinntype Portrait
Phiz Particles

Includes: Phiz Particles One, Phiz Particles Two, Phiz Particles Three, Phiz Particles Four, Phiz Particles Five, Phiz Particles Six, Phiz Particles Seven

Phiz Rough

Includes: Phiz Stencil Rough, Phiz Stencil Rough Flecked, Phiz Rough Regular, Phiz Rough Flecked, Phiz Rough Shadow, Phiz Rough Outline

Phiz Classic

Includes: Phiz Shadow, Phiz Phantom, Phiz Open, Phiz Stencil, Phiz Stencil Outline, Phiz Fill, Phiz Inline, Phiz Regular

Phiz Rounded

Includes: Phiz Rounded Regular, Phiz Rounded Flecked, Phiz Rounded Shadow, Phiz Rounded Highlight, Phiz Rounded Comstock, Phiz Rounded Outline, Phiz Rounded Dropshadow