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Handwriting fonts

A broad category of fonts resembling handwriting. The tools used are numerous and include many kinds of pens and brushes. There’s plenty of overlap between handwriting and script fonts, with some living quite comfortably in both categories. Handwriting fonts include everything from the formal calligraphic to everyday casual jots and scribbles. Handwriting fonts typically look a little more more raw and less ‘finished’ than typical script typefaces. For questions and tips about handwriting fonts, see our handwriting fonts FAQs below.

Questions about handwriting fonts

What are handwriting fonts, and how are they used?
Handwriting fonts are a kind of typeface designed to mimic the look of handwritten text. They’re often used in creative projects, such as greeting cards, (wedding) invitations, and posters. Handwriting fonts can also be used for personal use, such as journaling or writing letters, or even as a signature.

What are the benefits of using handwriting fonts?
Handwriting fonts can add a personal touch to any project. Handwriting fonts can also be used to create a sense of nostalgia or whimsy.

Some tips for using handwriting fonts?
• Don’t overuse them or else you design might end up looking too cluttered and unfocused.
• Use handwriting fonts to create a focal point in a design.
• Use handwriting fonts to add a personal touch to a project.
• For that extra authentic handwritten look, try typefaces like Olicana which include cross-outs, scribbles, smudges and ink-stains — in the font!