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Steven Heller’s Font of the Month: Erotique

Hot new fonts! 🔥 Platia font family

Handwritten fonts by Laura Worthington

Chromatic fonts

Expressive fonts

Informal fonts

Featured fonts from new foundries

Modern blackletter fonts

Remarkable Romans

Brush script fonts

Funky fonts

Workhorse Sans Serif font families: Margit

Steven Heller’s Font of the Month: TheStencil

Geometric Sans Serif Fonts

Elegant & versatile Serif Fonts

Dynamic Script Fonts

Buy fonts for branding: Lektorat

Fashionably Fantastic Fonts

‘Western’ fonts: Tuppence

Fonts for coding: Codelia

3D Fonts: Rig Shaded

3D Fonts: Phiz

Layer Fonts

New Arabic fonts: Klaket

Popular Arabic fonts: Sakkal Kitab